Astros @ Twins, May 11 2022

Altuve and Bregman hit the ball hard but at’em. Brantley K’d in between. Chris Archer is a showboating dumbass.

Urquidy hung 2 changeups to LHB in the 1st, 2B for Kepler then a 2-out, 0-2 RBI 2B to Polanco.

1-0 after 1

Alvarez just singled so hard that the RF tried to throw him out at first.

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Then went 1st to 3rd on a well-struck Yuli single to RF.

1st-3rd no out. Tucker up.

Tucker waves at a 2-2 change almost in the other batters box.

That was pathetic

Yuli moves up on a 2-2 WP and Peña hits the 3-2 into deep RF foul ground, both runners move up on the sac fly. Tied at 1.

Low FB went under Sanchez’s glove, between his legs, and only the ump’s leg stopped it from going to the backstop and plating a run. PB all the way.

I cannot imagine having to watch a catcher like Gary Sanchez on a regular basis.

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Siri with a nice single to CF, plates Yuli. Maldy grounds out.

2-1 Astros middle 2

It looked more like the ball bounced and was stopped by the ump’s left nut. But I second the statement that umpires must dread being behind the plate when Sanchez is catching.

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Urquidy did something, and whatever it was it was fast. Missed that half inning.

Great swing by Altuve on a FB on the outside edge…HR to RF 3-1 Stros

Good idea, Jose

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Walks to Brantley and Bregman, flyout to LCF by Yordan advances Brantley to 3B with 1 out.

Rain falling. Postponement inevitable. Get some more runs now, Astros.

And Yuli pops up to 2B. Horrible.

Tucker walks. Bases juiced, 2 outs for Pena.

Pena gets a 3-2 slider a foot outside, slaps it to RF for a 2 run single.

A very “no…no…no…yes” sequence.

Siri grounds out. 5-1 Stros middle 3.

We need to trade pena now, so we can at least get some value for him. Too expensive.

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Leadoff single, Pena with a really slick play to his left shifted to the 2B side of the bag, gets the out at 1st. Buxton pops out to SS. Sanchez sends one to the wall in LCF, GG candidate Yordan Freaking Alvarez with the leaping catch, crashes into the wall, does a roll. Big smile. 3 outs.

Altuve’s HR:

Pena’s 2 RBI single:

Yordan’s catch:

Tarp out. Looks like it should clear up in a couple of hours.

Can Alvarez play LF? Uh, yeah.

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Are MLB’s Covid rules from 2020 still in place re: restarting postponed games at a later date no matter how many innings had been played (as opposed to replaying in total any games that didn’t go 5)?

i was wondering the same thing