Astros @ Twins, April 8, 2023

LF McCormick
3B Bregman
DH Alvarez
1B Abreu
RF Tucker
SS Pena
2B Hensley
CF Meyers
C Maldonado

P Garcia


Chas takes a very borderline 2-2 pitch for a ball, then watches strike 3
Bregman pops foul near the 1B stands
Alvarez pops down LF line, drops foul between SS and LF. Follows by popping up to SS.

Mid 1, 0-0

My daughter is at the game, somewhere up behind home plate.

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Garcia comes back from 3-1 to strike out Buxton
Correa pops foul just out of Abreu’s reach. Correa then lines out to LF.
Larnach barely checks his swing on the 3-2
Miranda grounds 4-6 to end the inning.

End 1, 0-0

That was weird.

And Tucker is glued to 1B on the wild pitch. Awesome.

Dear Jeremy Pena,

I can’t stress this enough… What in the fuck are you fucking doing?

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He hasn’t put a ball in play since Wednesday

Oh goody, more pathetic strikeouts.

Yeah, it was just the sun in the stadium yesterday that created all those awful at bats.

I definitely believe that.


Abreu strikes out on an 0-2 pitch clock violation. Blum announces he scores this as a “tKo”
Tucker bounces one 6 inches in front of the plate. Catcher can’t find it, Tucker reaches first on a “single”
Pena, still completely lost, strikes out looking on 0-2.
Tucker running, but Hensley strikes out swinging on the 1-2 pitch.

Mid 2, 0-0

He took a get ahead fastball on 0-2 that was right down the fucking middle to strike out just a second ago and never even flinched.

Tucker a single. How in the literal fuck is that a hit? Vazquez simply dropped the ball.

WTF, ump?

Holy fucking shit, Luis just put one in the middle of the top right square for a ball.

Agree. Should have been an error all the way. That ball rolls foul if he leaves it alone. Should have got an error for making a bonehead decision….though I guess any chance to get Tucker out should be taken.

It was the right decision. The ball was a foot in front of the plate. All he has to do is pick it up. But he has to pick it up.

How do you not go 1B to 3B on that?

Guess it don’t matter.

Wow, great job Luis.

Served that shit right up, center center meatball cutter.