Astros @ Twins, April 7, 2023

Checked in to enjoy the write up of the game and no one’s home.
Feel free to take over, my source is MLB live udpates…
So here goes…

Hensley is batting 6th playing 1B; then McCormick - CF; & Dubon-2B.

The usual suspects are holding down 1-5, with Maldy batting #9.

No hits/no runs through 2; 4 Astros K’s vs 2 Twins’ K’s

Urquidy has thrown 27 pitches & Gray 28.

Take over Snuff.


I wouldn’t pitch Pena anything but sliders off the plate.

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OK, be ready if/when I run out of gas…
Dubon gets the 1st hit of the game, a 2B to RF.
Maldy bunts Dubon to 3rd - somebody reading TZ…
Pena K’s
Swinging @ 1st pitch, Bregman’s sharp line drive to RF plates Dubon!
Yordan flys out to CF.

1-0 'Stros
Twins bat Bottom of 3rd

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He’s absolutely worthless presently.

Runner on 3rd and 1 out and he doesn’t even put it in play.

Gallo (?) pops the 7th pitch to Hensley.
Vazquez - 3-pitch K
Taylor singles to Alvarez,
likewise by Buxton - 2 on 2 out.
Carlos 4-pitch K (4th for the Twins).

44 pitches for Urquidy; 41 for Gray

Top of 4th
1-0 'Stros

Top of 4th
1-0 'Stros

Abreu 4-pitch K (swinging)
Tucker hits 5th pitch (curve) sharply to RF - DOUBLE!
Hensley next,
then McCormick

Top of 4th, 1 out
1-0 'Stros

(Twins challenge fails, Tucker stays on 2nd.)
Hensley 3-pitch K (swinging) (2 outs)
McCormick 3-2 pitch, swinging K (apparently no FBs to him)

Chas wasn’t going to see a FB there

Yep! Just noticed that.
We tied!

Making scrub ass Sonny Gray look like Cy Young.

Fucking ugh.

Bot of 4th
Astros 1-0

Gray has made 59 pitches; so far Urquidy 48 - after Larnach flies out to Tuck
Miranda lines single to Yordan
Solano FB, FB, 2 sweepers (2-2), 2 fouls, then single to Yordan, (runners 1st & 2nd, 1 out)
Farmer flies sweeper out to Kyle (2 out)
Gallo 4 FB, change, (2-2), foul, full count, BB, LOADED, 2 out.
Vazquez bats; mound visit…

Bot 4th, bases loaded w/ 2 out
Astros 1-0

Vazquez 3-pitch pop to Hensley WHEW!

Top of 5th
Astros 1-0

Jesus Pena, that was a foot outside?!?!?!?

Top of 5th
1-0 Astros

Dubon, Maldy, & Pena SO

Bot 5th

This is absolutely fucking putrid.

12 Ks through fucking 5 innings.

Bot 5th
1-0 'Stros

Taylor 2B to Yordan
Buxton GO to Hensley, Buxton to 3rd (textbook)
Correa - 1st 4 pitches up & in pitches, all out of zone but 1-2 count, K (2 out, Buxton on 3rd)
Larnach 2 brush back pitches - do they still do that?,
Grounder to Abreu.

Top 6th
1-0 Astros

It’s not like they’re facing Kerry Wood either. He is throwing slop.

OK, checked another game thread; will try to clean up headers & footers.

T 6th, 1-0 Stros

Breg pops to 2nd Base
Yordan takes called 3rd K on full count
Abreu ground single to LF
1 on 1st; 2 out
Tucker flies out to LF