Astros @ Tigers, June 26, 2021 Game 2

At the stretch…1-0 Tigers

Seven inning games are an abomination before man and God.


Has someone already said this? Apologies if so: just getting here. But it isn’t going to look good if only Hinch has our number. If only he knows how to keep us from scoring.

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2-out walk puts two Tigers on here in the 5th

RBI single…2-0 Tigers

Suck. Feels like 10-0.

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All with two outs…bloop single, walk, seeing eye ground ball. Run scored.

Altuve with a leadoff double

Brantley hits one 400 mph right at 1B, Altuve avoids being doubled off

Gurriel flies out to LF



Ties it up!

Yordan mutha fuckas!!!

I was sure that Baddoo was going to get that.

Me too


3-2 Astros

Back to back!!

Hell yes Carlos!

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There’s life here!

Correa hit the living shit out of that ball.

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