Astros @ Tigers, June 26, 2021 Game 2

Astros fail to score in the first

Tigers with a single and a walk…two on, two out…single up the middle…1-0 Tigers, runners on the corners

After one…1-0 Tigers

Looks like we got Frustrating Lance tonight.

Alvarez draws a leadoff walk in the 2nd

Alvarez caught trying to advance on a pitch in the dirt…beat the throw, but came off the bag on the pop up.

Through two…1-0 Tigers

Astros with a runner at 2B, two out…

I’m pretty disgusted with 7 inning games


They definitely have a different dynamic.

Go to right, Jose!

Altuve works the count full, and…walks

Two on, two out for Brantley…grounds out 4-3

More LOBsters

1-0 Tigers

Yuli with an infield single

Since the game is only 7 innings, they should get it in before this vigorous line moves through.

Yordan grounds into 6U-3 double play

We’re halfway…1-0 Tigers

But we all get snocones at the end

This offense has been pretty fucking pathetic for the last 11 innings running now.

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Straw with a 2-out single