Astros @ Royals, June 4, 2022

Could be. Even modern mai tai recipes are often disgustingly sweet with all sorts of fruit juice and whatnot. About the only cocktail I like with pineapple juice is the Italian Handshake, which I learned from Filomena restaurant in Georgetown, DC.

I have a couple of books on cocktails, and I may have that one. I just recently was gifted a book on cocktails to go with record listening.

1-2-3 second for Garcia. No score.

I have this one somewhere around here: Don the Beachcomber's Little Hawaiian Tropical Drink Book - Aloha Spice Company

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Machete grounds outs and Altuve scalds another at em, this time to LF

Brantley with a 2-out walk

Bregman singles to RF, Brantley to 2B. Two on, two out for Alvarez…

Alvarez…3-0…3-1…3-2…walks to fill the sacks.

Gurriel…bases juiced…grounds into 6-4 FC….Astros want to take a look at the play at 2B

Replay shows he’s clearly safe…but upheld anyway. Astros have left five through three. No score

What in the actual fuck was that?

Don’t know. Alvarez beat that throw easily. It wasn’t all that close.

Does the “cone rule” apply to fielders other than the 1B?

He was obviously safe.

They didn’t really show a very good angle on replays, so maybe NY just didn’t want to fool with it.

Pretty telling that the guy that caught the throw just stood there since he knew he was safe.

Yay for replay!

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Needed a shot from the 3B side

None-the-less, that was a great effort by Witt.

Yuli too. 103mph

Lopez with a single against the shift

HPU is pretty generous on that outside corner. Keep pounding it.