Astros @ Royals, June 4, 2022

Currently delayed due to rain, but the guys are optimistic they’ll get this one in today.

Game is scheduled now to start at 4.

We’re underway as Altuve grounds out sharply to SS

So since I’m a rum guy, and we’re going to Hawaii next month, I’ve introduced Mrs Hawk to Mai Tais. I’ve created a monster.


Brantley doubles to LF

Bregman taps one weakly to 3B

Alvarez walks

Gurriel bounces out 4-3. No score


Well, there was a runner in scoring position, so…

Merrifield lines the first pitch into RF for a single.

Gotta make Mrs Haw another mai tai

Witt flies out F7 for the second out

Tiki drinks are great, I’m partial to the zombie. They’re a pain to make, but you don’t need to make many of them.

Perez grounds out 5-3. No score after one

Zombies are a little too sweet for me. The mai tai is the king of tiki cocktails, and my second favorite rum cocktail, after El Presidente.

On a side note…Sonic ice is a beautiful thing, for lots of reasons, but it is made for tiki drinks.

Tucker with a leadoff single.

Peña down on a good change up

The original Don the Beachcomber version is not very sweet, more spiced, but you’re right about most modern versions. Can’t remember what it’s called but there’s a great book with all sorts of drink recipes from the 1930’s restaurant/bar.

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Siri grounds into 6-4-3 double play. No score