Astros @ Royals, June 3, 2022

No score after one.


2-0 Astros

At last, a 3B with some pop.

…and a 5-hole hitter who can drive in runs

Are these the Royals’ city uniforms?

I wondered the same. I think so. They’re nice.

I agree. Not nearly as clownish as…ahem…some teams’.

They’re supposed to represent the city’s fountains and art deco architecture, if anyone was wondering.

I agree that they’re one of the better ones, easily.

Somewhere, Mark is yelling at Jerry Meals.

End of three…2-0 Astros

I grilled redfish tonight.

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I’d forgotten about the fountain angle but yeah, it’s a smart look and a nice local reference.

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Had early margaritas and fish tacos and empanadas at my favorite Mexican (non Tex-Mex) restaurant. Deciding on rum to go with the Ramon Allones toro.

How hot was the grill when you put the fish on? Do you have one of those fish baskets? Whole or filets?

Diaz with an RBI single! 3-0

I had fish tacos today too at a Mexican (non Tex-Mex) restaurant. No margaritas yet, though.

Diaz is so valuable.

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What a fantastic piece of hitting that last at bat. Pro. Fessional.



Meals’ concept of the strike zone is intriguing.