Astros @ Royals, August 16, 2021

Altuve with a leadoff double

Alvarez with a 2-out single to plate Altuve

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Love that commitment from Yordan to spank it to left.

Yuli grounds out 3U.

1-0 Astros.

Guy’s throwing 100+, not sure there’s an alternative.

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Is that Joe West at 1BU?

Not helping yourself Jake. Catch the fucking ball.

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They was a nice stop by Yuli.

Yuli saved his ass, but he wasn’t having it

Well that was as easy a stolen base as you’ll see.

Good grief.

He was 3 steps gone before Jake delivered.

He’s given him 180 feet.

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Dead. Duck.

Not sure of the Royals’ wisdom there.

Nice of the batter to leave the bat as a landmine.

He stayed out of the double play?


Pitched out of it nicely.

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Odorizzi gets a punch out to end the inning. 1-0 Astros

Guess I need to get out of my Astros bubble a little more often. I had no idea Salvador Perez was putting up those kind of offensive numbers.

I’m tuned in to the entire league.

Anyway, how’s Bret doing this year?

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