Astros @ Royals, August 16, 2021

Leadoff single, followed by a double, and the Royals tie it up

Sacrifice puts a Royal at 3B, with one out

Another well executed bunt.

Royals could easily squeeze a run in here, if they wanted.

Holy shit.

They ruled that leadoff flub a hit.

Gameplan: get a runner to 3rd, then nail em at the plate.

Pitcher’s glove…something, something…as the Royals stomp their collective pee pee again.

Another single…two on, two out

Gonna be a long bullpen night.

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Another single, 2-1 Royals

2 out soft serve does damage.

Not exactly fooled there.

After two…Royals knocking Odorizzi around a little…lead 2-1

Crowd chanting “Al-TUUUUUUUVE”. Nice.

Meyers has some wheels. If he can hit consistently he’s got the tools to be quite a player.


I liked it better when Altuve doubled.

Leadoff walk.


Ted Williams is to hitting a Jake Odorizzi is not to pitching.

Good grief, Odorizzi is a fucking train wreck tonight.

Painful to watch.