Astros @ Royals 09/15/2023

2B Jose Altuve R
SS Jeremy Pena R
DH Y. Alvarez L
3B Alex Bregman R
RF Kyle Tucker L
1B Jose Abreu R
LF M. Brantley L
CF C. McCormick R
C M. Maldonado R

Hopefully agent Greinke understands what he must do tonight

Dude is 1-15? Holy shit.

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So Javier starts 1-2 on a guy who is 0 for his last 20 and gives up a single. Just the kind of reassuring start we were looking for.

Greinke is 1-15. Javier is… Javier.

Something’s gotta give.

Javier is maddening.

He’s been broken since mid June. I am surprised he has kept his rotation spot the entire time with how wild he consistently is.

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Who would they replace him with? They’ve pretty much got no choice but to keep trotting him out there.

I got home to see the 3rd out.

Went back to gameday to see how it unfolded.

Leadoff single.

Ok, rather see that than a walk.

Next batter: walk

Ok, let’s check the pitch locations.

Good Good ball 4 was a slider that nearly hit the (right handed) batter in the face.

Buckle up.

After Abreu got a hit just now I had this involuntary thought: Good, now we’re coming into the heart of the order.

Holy shit.

What a terrible call.

Wow! Greinke just got fucked!

This is Angel-esque

Jose bails them out.

Wow, there’s a gift. What a clank. Hopefully Yordan can make them pay.

Speak of the devil.

Shit, Angel’s here. But if I understand the rotation properly, we won’t get him behind the plate.

GIDP Bregman. Yay!

The Royals giving Kenny Powers a chance to play 1B is pretty cool.

I think I’d rather see Popup Bregman.