Astros @ Royals 09/15/2023

Plenty of teams, including the Astros, have used bullpen days when necessary. They could have skipped him when the schedule allowed, too.

There were alternatives even if they weren’t ideal. I want the 2022 version of Javier to return as much as anyone, but his lack of command has persisted for three months. Right now, there is no way I could start him in a playoff/must win game. He has a couple starts left to figure it out.

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Too soon

1-out single, passed ball…Royal on 2B…

Infield single…Royals on the corners, one out

Witt swipes 2B without a throw.

Sac fly makes it 1-0 Royals

Shit man!

That was an exceptionally weak throw from Brantley.

Fuck around and find out.

Weak but inaccurate.

Royals get an unearned run…end of three…1-0 Royals

Yeah, after all the shoulder problems, I prefer to see him just DHing.

He was about four strides into it before Javier even released the ball.

It would be appreciated if the Astros’ offense would score some runs soon.

Astros apparently think it’s a home game.

Completely impotent. Thank goodness for Cleveland.

Damn batter’s eye.

Maybe it will help if I put on an Astros ball cap and make me a drink. I think it’s worth a try.

The 2023 tombstone should have the words “Batter’s Eye.”