Astros @ Rockies, July 18, 2023

Dubón 2B
Bregman 3B
Tucker RF
Abreu 1B
McCormick LF
Diaz C
Julks DH
Peña SS
Meyers CF


Here’s hoping Hunter got rested physically and mentally.

I like the MTM outfield, especially at Coors.


Six games against COL and OAK. Need to win at least 5.

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Anything less would be uncivilized

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Dubon drilled in the ass on the first pitch of the game.

And we’re off.

Bregman doubles, Dubon scores

Nice defense, Rockies

Chas with a 2-out RBI single!

That’s my centerfielder!

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Keep. It. Going. Chas.

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Diaz with an RBI double…

Julks lines out to end the inning. But the Astros score thrice. 3-0

thrice is nice

Profar with a leadoff single.

Home run makes it 3-2


Buckle up, sports fans…

And that lead lasted exactly 0.0 innings.


If only he would stop grooving fastballs.

And hanging curves.