Astros @ Rockies, July 18, 2023

WTF. Looks like it’s gonna be a 19-17 type of game.

At this rate it’s gonna be 42-35

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WTF is up with Hunter Brown?

Fer fuck’s sake, put it on a tee, Hunter.

Good grief, Brown.

An out!

2 of them!

End of one…3-3

It’s to be expected at Coors Field.

He grooved another one in that AB.

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Two pitches, two outs

Peña and Myers were grooved fastballs.

Astros go quietly on seven pitches.

Pitching at Coors Field is no fun, but that doesn’t change the fact the Astros need more quality starts and consistency from Hunter Brown.

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I was hoping they could get six innings from him tonight, but that looks highly unlikely

42 pitches, 25 strikes.

2 innings pitched.

Fucking terrible.

I was, too. He’s just so inconsistent, which is part of being a rookie. The Astros need more from him with their starting pitching injuries.

That’s it.

He’s a rookie, he needs to get experience and learn from it.

Right now, the team just needs a steady veteran-type .


Agreed. Brown has a bright future, but the losses of McCullers, Garcia and Urquidy to significant injuries has thrust him into a more important role in the starting rotation than was expected before the season.

We also need our bats to get going again tonight