Astros @ Red Sox, June 9, 2021

Bregman with a 2-out double. Alvarez singles, and Bregman thrown out at the plate by 20 ft to end the top of the first

Odorizzi walks the leadoff hitter

Double to CF over Straw’s head…Sox at 2B and 3B

Sac fly makes it 1-0 Sox

Shiftfuck roller to what was formerly 2B plates another run.

We’ve played one…2-0 Sox

Tucker reaches on a fly ball where RF and CF converge, but neither catch. Should be an E8

Simple formula:

Set the table for Myles.

Straw flairs a rule book double down the RF line…Tucker scores

Way to know how many outs there were, Myles.

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Stubbs pops out to end the inning as Straw forgets how many outs there are

2-1 Sox

After two…2-1 Sox


Tie game

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Yordan with an RBI double!

Yuli with an RBI double!

Brantley with an RBI single!

Just get to Myles, then we’ll do some damage…

Brantley missed the memo on doubles, I guess.

He doubled in a run, and he gets this?

The kid is improving.


Tucker and Straw both called out on strikes. But the Astros lead 5-2