Astros @ Red Sox, June 9, 2021

No sarcasm (that time).

Just hoping they’d get to him and he’d repeat the feat.

Nice shut down inning by Odorizzi after the 4 run strike.


Cannot be overstated how important that is.

Wall ball

Come on Yordan.

Pineapple juice…

Smart play attempt by Devers

Hanging slider, 5-3.

Tucker grounded out on a 3-0 pitch.

2 out single to the middle by Straw.

Let’s see if he tries to take 2nd…

Stubbs looks like he has been on a Vespa.

No steal attempt; Stubbs popped out on 2nd pitch of the AB.

Oh well, at least Straw’s hit allows you to start at the top of the order next inning.

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Javier warming

What inning are you guys in? 5-3 bottom 5

Bottom 5, 2 outs.

Very loose pbp above.

Wrong part of the park, meat.

Thru 5, still 5-3.

Good inning for Jake O. Can he go 6?

Even still, I was a little worried off the bat.


Interesting decision.

2, 3, 4 hitters due up.

I’m guessing it’s Javier. But who knows?