Astros @ Red Sox, June 10, 2021

Go Tucker!


That’ll do, Kyle!!!

Come on, Brandon.

Hold 'em, Bielak!

I don’t know if it mattered with 2 outs, but his decision to sell out for the catch led to Tucker getting to 3rd and guaranteed the 3rd run getting across.

Altuve’s life flashed before my eyes.

somebody needs to tell Bielak to throw strikes.

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Lucky Uncle Mike didn’t take his head clean off.

And we’re tied

Jesus Fucking Christ, Bielak. Tee it up, you fucking rag arm.

Gift wrapped fucking trash ball with 2 strikes.

Get him back to AAA.

I hope of those dumb fucks falls out of that cart and tears his ACL.

Totally believable.

This may be one of the strangest games ever. I’m betting it goes 16 innings, and ends up 16-15.

Myles routinely gets hosed on balls/strikes

Strike 3 was a strike.

Strike 2 was not.

He shouldn’t be 6’5"

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Jeebus, at some point you have to swing the bat.

he said as Altuve stepped up.