Astros @ Red Sox, June 10, 2021

Yuli! 1-0 Stros.

Well shit

Come on Greinke, you have to throw pitches at least semi-close to the zone to get swings, man.

Gets ahead 0-2 then four straight completely non-competitive pitches to walk in a run. Terrible.

What was that about a good chase rate?

Well…that was not helpful

Just an asinine play by Altuve

I’ll take “ways to look like a total fucking idiot for 500, Alex.”

Wheezer’s coming to Minute Maid Park. I hope they’re teaching base running.

And Altuve has now cost us a run

This is why we can’t have nice things

Greinke is throwing puss. He’s done.

This is pathetic.

He is not fooling anyone at all.

While throwing said puss right down the fucking middle.

Machete was right about “strike” 3

You rarely see Machete hot at umpires.

9-pitch AB so far for Straw

Nice AB Myles

Bases juiced, two out for Yuli…

Good eye, good eye