Astros @ Red Socks, May 16, 2022

Middle of the second…scoreless.

End of two…no score.

Middle of four…still 0-0


Hernandez leads off with a single, Sox first base runner

Martinez with a 1-out single…two Sox on, one out

Trainer out to look at Odorizzi…apparently he’s fine


Walk to Bogaerts loads the bases with one out


Verdugo bloops is one to CF, McCormick dives and gloves it, but it bounces out of his glove on ground contact…Hernandez scores, as Dubon picks it up and fires to 3B to nab Martinez. Score it a 8-6-5 fielders choice.

Pop up ends the inning, but Sox take a 1-0 lead.

Great play by Dubon to limit the damage.


Ties it up

Seriously heads up play.


Cordero with a leadoff double.

Dubón looks smooth in the field.

Cordero moves to 3B on a ground out and scores on a passed ball as Castro boxes one

If you’re going to hit fucking sixty at least catch the ball.

Hernandez grounds out 3U to end the inning as Odorizzi collapses on the field.

Oh shit. Odorizzi slips coming off the mound to cover first and appears to be seriously injured.

When is Lance due to return?

Sox get an unearned run to take a 2-1 lead, but Odorizzi will have to be carted off, as he’s still on the ground. Shitfuck.

Cart on its way.