Astros @ Rangers, September 6, 2023

Verlander vs Scherzer

Yordan DH
Brantley LF
Dubon CF

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Scherzer perfect game: likely

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27 Ks

On 80 pitches.

(Yordan will have a pitch timer violation when he’s not ready for his first pitch.)


I fully expect the bats to go to sleep against Scherzer and for JV to implode. I’ll be surprised by any other outcome.

Bregman will walk 4 times

And pop out with 2 on at least once.

If Bregman goes to the plate 5 times i like our chances

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You are not playing along with this thread.

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JV will give up 3 solo shots in 3 different innings.

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Personal catcher: 1 wp 1 pb

Personal CF will make 1 great play

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Probably a regular day of rest for Altuve

At least there won’t be any LOBs.

Pretty sure tonight is the night that Montero’s season starts to suck again.

No Diaz, no Chas tonight

Brantley in LF

Pretty much expected since Dusty had already said he intended to play Brantley today.

I hate it for Chas and Diaz, pretty impressed at their ability to stay hot despite erratic opportunity.

This is federal law when JV pitches.

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I guess they’ve soured on Diaz at 1b

I am not bitching. You can, of course. Keep it up, and Dubon will be 5-5.


Thereby technically depriving Scherzer of the first “Immaculate Game” in history. Niiiiice!