Astros @ Rangers Sep. 25, 2020

Let’s clinch tonight.

Those stRangers caps are ridiculous

Altuve’s outs have been better lately.

Through two…1-0 Rangers

Let’s get some runs, please?


Astros get a leadoff hit and a walk, but a 107mph double play ball and ground out ends the inning. Still 1-0 Rangers

Springer crushed that ball


Gallo with a rare 2-out single

Did last night really happen?

Springer with an RBI-double ties it up!

Springer ends up at 3B because the Rangers didn’t bother to cover 3B.

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Springer crushed that ball too, with better results.

2-1 Rangers as Huff hits his second home run of the game, the third of his career.

Brantley getting hitting lessons from last month’s Jose Altuve. He hasn’t hit a ball hard in a while

Rangers, like Ole Miss Rebels, can wear red or blue. Never has made sense to me.


We’re tied again

Right on time???

Kind of like how the Astros can wear navy or orange?

Yuli is now quietly 2 for his last 36 with 0 RBIs

That’s freaking silence.