Astros @ Rangers Sep. 25, 2020

Since coming back after his last little injury on September 15th, he’s slashing .081/.105/.081 for an OPS of .185.

Huff is killing Urquidy


Rangers on the corners, two out…

Through six…tied 2-2

Who is this guy?

Tie game, Top 8, Urquidy pitched his ass off

Urquidy has been a boss.

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Altuve walks
Brantley walks

Two on, nobody out for Bregman…

Bregman caught looking

Not loving the synthetic grass.

Tucker swinging wildly at balls off the plate… Takes ball five to fill the count and… Pops to shallow LF

Yuli punches a grounder off his fists, sneaks by Guzman for a single. Altuve scores, Brantley to 3B

Mid 8…Astros grab a 3-2 lead

That was weird on TV. They just kept showing the plate, not the hit. Didn’t find out what happened until the replay.

Worst camera work I’ve ever seen

To be fair, that’s not on the cameraman, it’s on the board operator or the director.

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To the 9th…Astros lead 3-2

One of them fell asleep

Boy, we made out like a bandit getting Taylor and another player for Marisnick.

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Did any of yall ever have a glove that was color-coded to your school/team/whatever colors?