Astros @ Rangers, June 14, 2022

The Astros’ offense is so frustrating.

Click is going to have to trade for a bat. You can’t ask your pitchers to be perfect every game. It’s pretty amazing they have a 37-24 record going into tonight’s game despite being 21st in runs scored across MLB.

Two bats. Catcher is obvious, but also center field. Meyers is the most talented of that group, but he’s barely played in the majors and it’s not certain that he’s going to rake right away, especially coming off such a brutal injury. Get someone there, or just get a good outfield bat and trust Tucker in center.

First and third with nobody out. It’s a goddamn shame we have an automatic out in our third spot.

They’re not replacing Maldonado. There’s no point in pretending they will.

It helps when the other team decides to give away that automatic out.

What a lucky break.

Very generous by the Rangers.

I’m not thinking catcher at all. Maldy’s value is shown by how good the Astros’ pitching staff has been this season. I guess you could replace Castro, but the problem offensively is Yuli and Bregman not pulling their weight. What you get from Maldy and Castro is supposed to be an added bonus.

Centerfield is a possibility as is a guy that can take at bats from Yuli and Bregman. Those are the two gigantic problems with the lineup, currently.

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I can’t believe they just did that. Thank’s Rangers for the help.

/KYLE TUCKER has entered the chat


They’re both gruesome with the bat this year, but they’re both also a large part of the reason the D is so good. The odds that you’ll find a better bat without hurting the D are slim. I suspect you’ll be better off waiting it out and hoping they break out.

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All in a span of 9 pitches.

This is a fair point. I keep expecting Yuli to get hot any time. He’s among the league leaders in doubles and he was hitting so well in Spring Training.

Bregman has at bats where you see flashes, but it’s not nearly often enough.

Man, fuck off Montero. That’s putrid.

Mikolas loses his no-no with 2 outs in the 9th.

Corey Seager - hero of the eighth inning.

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Need some insurance runs.

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The 7% of respondents that said the Rangers are the Astros’ biggest rivals must be Rangers fans.

Nice double play!