Astros @ Rangers, June 14, 2022


Brantley with a 1-out double


Bregman flies out to LF and Alvarez walks, two on, two out for Tucker…


Tucker flies out to RF

Astros are 0 for 6 with 6 LOB w/RISP. Awesome

No score.

Broadcast noted that earlier in the game Yuli led off an inning with a 2B for the 4th time in 5 games and did not score after any of them.

Astros have two doubles, two walks,and a HBP, while making six outs. Still can’t find a way to punch a run across.

Yuli with 5 lead off doubles recently. Scored zero times. That’s nearly statistically impossible.

Statistically unlikely, Astro typical.

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Duran with an infield single for the Rangers first baserunner. Great backhanded play by Diaz, but Duran too quick.


Miller with a sharp grounder right at Yuli who kicks it, recovers to get the out at 1B, Duran to 2B, but no double play

Taveras F8

Semien singles to LF, Duran scores after not getting the double play

Seager flies out F7

Rangers far more efficient with baserunners, and lead 1-0

IF defense has not been up to its lofty standards recently, and it seems like every miscue has led to runs


Astros strand another runner. 1-0 Rangers

3-0 Rangers. They’re 2 for 4 w/ RISP. Both with two outs

Well, this is pretty much insurmountable. I’m heading to bed soon.

We’ve got them right where we want them…

The Astros have zero interest in this game.

Yeah, they’ve given up. And so will I. Good night.

St Louis’ Miles Mikolas has thrown 7 innings of no-hit baseball so far against the Pirates

The Rangers still lead 3-0 at the stretch.

I just now checked in on the game. Two hits through seven. No runs on two hits. Two.

Someone convince me this team isn’t crashing back down to earth, please.