Astros @ Rangers, August 28, 2021

Alex Bregman throwing around the leather.

No score after the first.


Dead center field

1-0 Astros

Maldonado with a 2-run knock!

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Nice fucking job, Maldy

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Bases juiced for Yuli…

Yuli lines out.

Astros lead 3-0

We’ve played two…3-0 Astros


That was a laser

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So strange. Half of this Rangers lineup was playing in RR when I last did a game with Mike in early August. Pozo was tearing up AAA.

I hope every dog in the costume contest got a participation trophy.

When was Altuve’s last hit?

He’s 0-fer his last 2+ games. Was 15-38 the 10 games before that.

Monday against KC. 1-5.

Two 0-5 games against KC after they.

Man, I must have slept through those 10 games. Seems like he is 0-August to me.

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Framber waited to peg the runner.

We got us an interference call and a impending replay

Or maybe he just got lucky.

No homers but he was swinging level and sprayed em around pretty good.

He yanked the throw and missed him, I thought.