Astros @ Rangers, August 28, 2021

HPU called it immediately, guess there’s no replay review on that type of judgement call?

Could have said he interfered with Yuli. I do not think the throw hit the runner.

When that happened in the 19 WS McHugh’s wife, Buzzy, tweeted that Collin said the pitchers were coached to throw at that spot for that reason. (Peacock?).

But yes that throw looked like a yank.

No Framber you don’t get an out every time you hit someone.

I was coached to hit the runner in the back. I did a couple of times.


Rangers have some speed in their lineup.

Runner was 3 feet inside the baseline, I assumed that’s what HPU called him out on.

I do not think that is enough. There has to be interference somewhere. The ball hitting him or interfering with the 1B catch will do.


Solak can run for sure.


Garcia had to run a mile.

Kyle hit that a ton.

Come on, Jake. Move the runner.

A hit!

And an RBI

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That was ugly.

Good grief. A statue.

Not one of Altuve’s finer moments.

Correa is so good.

Alvarez looked good smashing that up the middle.


Right quad.