Astros @ Padres, September 5, 2021

Missed the top half of the 1st.

Apparently Altuve doubled and was driven in by Bregman.

Garcia has 1 out and 1 on in the bottom of the frame.

Fernanado Tatis can wear a pitcher out. End result good,

Base hit and 2 straight borderline pitches called balls loads em up.

My unbiased opinion is Garcia got freaking hosed x 2.

Myers sac fly ties the game.

Hosmer doubles to the wall in left.

2 runs score.

3-1 SD.

How the fuck did these guys far in the NL West race?

I would say the same thing about the Royals, Twins and Orioles when they play us.

3U ends the first.

Pretty shitty start.

Single, K, single, walk, SAC, 2B

It’s early, and the game is never over until the last man is out. We have been lapses in offense or defense, too often and not at the right times. One game so many hits and men on base, but can’t get multiple opportunities home.

That was interesting.

Stubbs hit the crap out of that.


Meyers pops up to RF, Tatis Jr loses it at the last second and it drops.

Jake trips over second base and has to scale back.

Stubbs smoked a ball right to 2nd.

Garcia grounds out 4-3 to end the inning.

I doubt he’s hit any ball harder in the bigs.

I remember one year we had Hampton. I think he may have won 18. But he either at some point mid season, or end of season. had an over .300 avg batting. Liked him in the NL for sure at the time.

Loved Mike Hampton.

Quite an athlete.

Garcia was efficient in the 2nd.

Top of the order due up.


Altuve nearly took Machado’s head off.

Toronto beat the A’s 8-0.

Nothing in the 3rd.

Altuve and Bregman both hit their outs pretty well.

I think mike scott learned his split finger from one of the coaches on our team at the time. Turned him from a middling pitcher into a cy young candidate.