Astros @ Padres, September 5, 2021

No, he learned the split finger from Roger Craig.


Clean 3rd.

Still 3-1.

that sounds right. I said I think, that usually means I am giving myself the benefit of possibly not remembering it 100%. But somewhat close.

The Astros are making good contact, just right at Padres’ fielders or great plays are being made.

Yuli’s play couldn’t have been closer.

Tie didn’t go to the runner.

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Shift fucked them out of an inning ending dp.

3-6-1 dp ends the inning.

And the pitcher will leadoff next inning.

I can vouch for the Whataburger pico de gallo burger.

It’s pretty good.


Jake tests Tatis again.


Second time Stubbs has hit a ball well.


I’m a Monterrey Melt fan myself.

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Hampton hit .311 with us in '99 and .344 a few years later with the Rockies.

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Garcia grounds out 4-3.

K, K, F8

Astros have had 1 baserunner since the first.

Let’s hit em where they ain’t.

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Joe West is such an ass.

Altuve singles to left.

3rd time he’s hit the ball well.

Brantley F8 to the track in left.

Fuck you Jowel West

Bregman F8 just shy of the track.

The Astros continue to hit the ball hard with nothing to show for it.