Astros @ Padres, August 22, 2020


Altuve with a 1-out double off the wall

He’s definitely looking more like himself ( his good self) lately.

Correa walks…two on for Tucker, who works the count full before walking to load the bases for Yuli…

He’s back …

Yuli with a sac fly at the wall, Altuve scores, Correa to 3B


Gracias, Yuli.

Astros win last night with Yuli at DH. Sigh

Reddick grounds into FC, but lead 1-0

My disappointment over last night has been replaced with anger over the Rockets.

I actually missed all this during the lockdown?


And we’re tied

1-1 second pitch of the game for Bielak

Fucker flashed #1 rounding the bases.

2-1 Padres

Um , Bielak you may want to avoid the fat part of the bats.

Strikeout ends the inning, but two fat fast fastballs right down the pipe are in the cheap seats. 2-1 Padres

Toro is the lone hitter in the lineup tonight hitting below .200.

Looks like he’s gonna stay there a while.

Garneau is at .167

Astros have flirted with that RF pole both nights but haven’t even gotten a peck on the cheek.


There are always 2.

Damn. Taylor almost homered to right, then almost doubles to left, but of course Ks.

And Jones is now at exactly .200. Springer is .216 and Altuve is at .209. So…let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet.