Astros @ Padres, August 22, 2020

He struck out twice in that AB.


Bielak is just hitting bats

Of course the softest contact so far results in a base hit.

In 19 pitches Bielak’s ERA went from 1.69 to 2.82

Single, walk…Bielak is a wreck

Good grief.

That 3-2 curve was 2 feet above the zone.


Good grief. This is a fucking home run derby

Well, that’s ballgame.

Now Tatis drilled

Umps conferring

They must be seeing something from Bielak.

WTF, Bielak.

Warnings issued

Hit him on the ass with a changeup.

Bielak was done in the first. He’s throwing pus.

The Padres knew what was coming.

It’s either center cut or a foot out of the zone.

He’s got nothing.