Astros @ P-Rats, April 11, 2023

Javier on the hill


1-0 Astros


Choi with a 2-out double

End of one…1-0 Astros


2-0 Astros

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Fool me once, shame on me…

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Peña with a 30-ft dribbler single.

Can’t get fooled again

Meyers grounds into 4-6 FC, but with that backhanded flip if Peña goes all the way to the bag he may beat that throw. He slid way early.

Dubon swinging it

Geez Chas, swing the fucking bat

Astros leave a pair, but Tucker’s tater makes it 2-0

That’s literally a back-foot slider.

And we’re tied

2-out HBP, followed by a HR on the next pitch. By the 8-hole hitter. Who was hitting 0.067

That would have been a home run in Yellowstone

Then a 4-pitch walk to the 9 hitter.

End of two…tied 2-2

Astros go quietly in the third…2-2

Time for some wine

Glad I missed the last third of Pittsburgh’s 2nd inning.

Jake has 3 hits and 1 walk on the season.

ETA: at least 2 of those were of the infield hit variety.