Astros @ P-Rats, April 11, 2023

Tucker with a 2 out SB.

Dubon walks.

Maldy to the plate.

Don’t know what’s gotten into Dubon lately, but I like it.


Dang it


Maldy gave one a charge but it’s tracked down near the track.

Reynolds made that look much easier than it was. Great catch.

I initially thought Maldy had one there.

I love Gorgonzola

Here’s the thing, though. He never did say ‘shame on me.’ Thats what got him so turned around. He was unable to say those three words, and that’s something I think about often.

Grrr…gotta make that play

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Ugh, let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass.

Made it that time. Crisis averted.

Glad they let Peña practice that play

Remember when Alex did that in the WS?

You’re welcome.

Now would be a welcome time for Abreu’s first homer as an Astro


Whew. That was a long out

Peña cannot lay on off the sliders.

If Dusty is gonna have McCormick lead off, he really needs to move Peña back to the two hole and have Bregman hit behind Alvarez.

Shit. 3-2 Pirates