Astros @ Orioles. June 21, 2021

Toro! Nice play!


Toro flashes the leather. We’ve played two…no score

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A’s already down 5 to TEX

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Castro leads off the T3 with a double

Altuve draws a 4-pitch walk

Good job moving up on the throw.

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McCormick with an RBI single, Astros to 2B and 3B on an ill-advised throw home

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Brantley walks to load the bases

Bases juiced for Gurriel…

Gurriel flies out at the wall in CF…Altuve scores, McCormick to 3B

Damn! So close. Got an RBI though.

Yordan a day late on a 91 mph fastball right down the middle


3-run dinger!

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Camden Yard left field; the original Crawford Boxes.


I thought the ball Yordan hit was foul when it left the bat.

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Correa takes strike three again. Arguing. But stays in the game.

5-0 Astros

  1. It was a strike
  2. So was the last one (barely)
  3. Blummer is right: Angel is not worth it

Pay it forward! Luv it!