Astros @ Nats, FRIDAY THE 13TH

Homer, double, double, single, out, homer.

Astros up 5-0 in T1.

Tucker needs to get with the program.

1002 MPH is a hell of a shot

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Didn’t quite get all of it.

Framber with 17 pitches thus far in B1.

Runners 1st and 3rd (pair of singles) with 2 outs.

Gets the final out after 22 pitches.

Astros up 5-0 heading to T2.

Whiff (Maldy), soft LD out (Tuve), FB out (Brantley).

5-0 Astros to B2.

I can’t watch the game right now but Gameday has Framber’s sinker at 96 mph. Is that normal or even accurate?

1-2-3 inning for Framber. Just 9 pitches.

Still up 5 zip.

Statcast says 93.6 on the sinker.

Yordan the Destroyer strikes again!

I was out working in my yard when it dawned on me that it was an east coast game. I just got in, what did I miss?

Get back out there!

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Not a fucking thing.

Yordan now tied for the ML lead in HR

That solo shot by the Cuban Connection makes it 6-0 for the good guys heading to B3.

That makes more sense.

Framber has little to no command of his curve

A walk to Juan Soto the only blemish for Mr. Valdez in B3. Up to 46 pitches now I believe.

Houston 6-0 as T4 looooooooms.

I was peeing. Yes it took a while

Now B4. Astros still up 6-0.

1-2-3 inning by the Framber. Now at 56 pitches.