Astros @ Natinals 5/15/22

Verlander throws 28 pitches and walks 2 but gets out of the 1st. 0-0

No control, and Angel Hernandez is shockingly a disaster behind the plate so far.

He benefitted from Angel’s high strike call to end the inning, though.

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McCormick got TWO fat pitches center cut. Missed the first one entirely then rolled the second to third to end the inning.

Top 2

Alvarez F8
Yuli 1B - 7 for 9 in the series
Diaz 1B - Yuli to 3rd
Siri K
Chas 5-4


Bottom 2

Franco K
Thomas 5-3
Adams K


Verlander still struggling with control but threw only 18 this inning.

Top 3

Machete first pitch 6-3
Altuve LO8
Brantley (birthday 35) F7


Altuve’s drilled the ball 101 and 104 right to the CFer

Famous umpires are seldom good umpires.

Bottom 3

Escobar P6
Hernandez BB
Soto 1-3 - Hernandez to 2nd
Bell 6-3 Great layout by Diaz!

Verlander at 68 pitches.


This Jack in the Box commercial will cause me to time travel and kill Snoop Dogg as a baby

Oh man, now I want to see it. MLBTV customers are deprived of this stuff.

Top 4

Bregman pops the first pitch foul P3
Yordan ꓘ
Yuli takes ball 4, Angel says ‘not so fast.’ So he singles to right.
Diaz F7


Bottom 4

Cruz 1-3
Hernandez ꓘ nice bender touches the outside edge!
Franco P3 (foul)


Gotta take a break…PBP up for grabs for a few.

I’m thinking I need to go outside. Taking a nap for a couple of innings did nothing.

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Chas got a gift.

Maldy with a 2 run dinger!

Huge gift. Made even more huge by Maldy.

No more PBP for me lol

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