Astros @ MLB/Yankees, May 6, 2021


McCullers walks the bases loaded because he can’t get a call that’s not in the center square…gets a line out to end the inning

Might as well pack this one in now…Astros don’t stand a chance.

Can the umps really be this bad or do I have to go all conspiracy theory on this shit?

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I think it’s pretty obvious. The league is not going to let the Astros win in NY

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Exactly. This is not LMJ just losing the plate.

It’s just absurdly surreal now. They’re not even pretending.

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Umpiring has been atrocious in this series.


The batsmen for the Houston club face a stern test today.

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Rob Manfred sucks. He actually makes Bud Selig look better by comparison, and that’s a hard feat to accomplish.


Would help if guys take walks when Cole gives them to you (Yuli swung at ball four on his hands)

Bettman was the worst commissioner in the history of American sports until Manfred made him look like David Stern


After he was bailed on a check swing on the 1-2 count.

Nice play to get the lead runner.

Critical to get LeMaheiu here.

Yeah, it did look like Yuli went on the 1-2 pitch.

Blew him away.

Lance needed that inning after throwing 29 pitches in the first.

I turned on the game just in time to see another gripping 4-3 rollover groundout on a hittable pitch by Kyle Tucker.

I was honestly not sure if it was live or a replay when it first happened.

Good grief, blue.

You suck.

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[Roger Goodell anxiously wipes the sweat off his forehead]



You missed the first pitch - right down Broad Street.