Astros @ Mariners, September 27, 2023

Framber can turn it around.

Can, but almost certainly won’t.

Framber is a fucking mess, 11 pitches in

Well, fuck it. Why be miserable until we have to be?

Another walk

Nice of Framber to end this while we’re still awake

If you’ haven’t been miserable these past 3 weeks while this team has repeatedly, wetly, and fully shit it’s pants day after day, I don’t know what to tell you.


I’m just flabbergasted at the mentality of this team losing 12 out of the 16 in a playoff race.

The body language, the poor choices - getting picked off, throwing the ball away, getting jacked off by the leadoff hitter.

The players knew it wasn’t the year in KC imo

Twice as many balls as strikes so far

Whoa now, this isn’t the Rangers they’re playing.


Strikeout for the first out as Rodriguez takes 3B without a throw

Poor choice of words I’ll admit - but Framber get sorted by Crawford on the second pitch just wow…

Line out for the second out

Punch out

After all that, they just get the one. 1-0 Mariners

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After the offensive explosion against the Rangers, I thought differently. Too soon


Great comeback!

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Lets see how the boys respond. How about a crooked number - he said wishfully.

Let’s see if the Astros bats want to do something tonight

Ok…had to score anyway. Let’s put that behind us and get a run back.

Who has enjoyed this again? I have not, but I still have some faith. As unlikely as it seems now, they aren’t champions for nothing.