Astros @ Mariners, September 27, 2023

Well, the fat lady is warmed up. Gotta make it happen.

Need Good Framber tonight. And for Bregman to get off his dick.

Brantley in the lineup, but no Chas and no Yainer. Because…well, sometimes you just have to sacrifice games.

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I fear Bregs will be riding the big pink surfboard for the duration…

They could have had the common decency to schedule an afternoon start on getaway day and not prolong the suffering.


We were going to sacrifice a virgin, but could not fine one anywhere near Seattle …

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They’re the ones booing Altuve.

Or cheering when he gets hit.

They’re not ‘virgins’, they are ‘people too ugly and stupid to attract anyone’

I’m hoping for good Framber…the start of a stash only stubble for Bregman bc he knows it’s time to change shit up…and a W for the good guys tonight. LFG!

I hope Framber takes the mound with a 7-run Astros lead.

One we never give up.

Gotta keep the stars rested so they are not fatigued for the deep run through the postseason.

Opening the whiskey. See you guys on the other side…

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A strategy which makes you bang your head on a blunt object

Here we go…

Bregman draws a 1-out walk

And Bregman gets picked off

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Alvarez takes a fastball down the middle for strike three

Off to a rousing start

1-0 Mariners

And that pretty well puts the exclamation point on 2023

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God this team is just so pathetic.

The Framber we all know and love from the 2021 World Series is pitching tonight.


I need a stronger drink.

Walk to Rodriguez