Astros @ Mariners, September 26, 2023

Way past my bed time. But hopefully Javier remembers he wore his pant legs long last time out and pitched well.

Also, Bregman will continue as a black hole in the 2-spot.

Past a 10 o’clock start time for me. And I have to be up at 5 AM. I might watch the first couple of innings tops.

With this team, there’s a non-zero chance that’s all any of us will watch.

Bregman is the hero tonight.

I have to listen on radio but I will while I pack. Moving Sunday

I’m nervous.

Hope we can score first again.

I hope you mean a hero for Houston. He’s done a lot to help our opponents in recent games …

Bregman hitting 2nd: .276/.382/.456

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Good luck with the move!!

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
LF Alvarez
RF Tucker
1b Abreu
DH Diaz
CF McCormick
SS Pena
C Maldonado

P Javier

Now do Bregman hitting in the last week.

Good effort by Kirby to make it close, on Altuve’s infield single.

Finally, Bregs

Bregman singles through 3rd and short.

That first pitch was Yordan‘s pitch to hit.

Nice “bunt“ by Yordan.

Alvarez GO advances the runners.

Kirby nibbles and then says fuck it, walks Tucker to load the bases.

Abreu chops to third and Altuve is forced out at home.

I hate leaving the bases loaded

Man, I hope that doesn’t come back to haunt.

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