Astros @ Mariners, September 26, 2023

How can Diaz not understand that they’re throwing the ball a foot and a half off the plate?


Someone show him the gamecast - 4 pitches off the plate in that AB

They started off the plate and got worse from there.

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Javier’s arm looks live tonight.

Throw strikes!

Except like that hanging slider. Don’t throw strikes like that.

Don’t hang 'em, though.

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Got him to swing high

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Three up, three down. no score.

Rolaids on my menu tonight

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How does Pena take pitch down central like that? Isn’t that his thing - straight FB?

I wonder if Pena will hit another home run ever again.

Someone please remind the guys we need to win tonight too …

Surprised to see this team-leading stat for Abreu (PA w/ less than 2 out, runner on 3rd, runner scored) - 68.8%, 22 of 32 opportunities.

Next closest are Jordan (63.0%, 17 of 27 ) & Yainer (60.9% ,14 of 23)…m

Suarez got fucked by the HPU twice on that at bat.

0-0 after 2. Top of the order back up for the Astros…

Sometimes I hate 'Tuve swinging at the first pitch

Well that inning just plain sucked. Back to hoping the bottom of the order wants to hit

Kinda surprised after the 1st - that we aren’t trying to grind this guy more.

Javier struggling now