Astros @ Mariners, May 29, 2024

The game is tied at 1 after five innings.

Meyers singles in Alvarez for Houston, Canzone with a solo for Seattle.

Runners at the corners and one out for Bregman in the 6th.

…and he strikes out on three pitches.

After Pena battles his ass off, Bregman lets out that loud shart

I turn the game on in time to see a slomo replay of Bregman striking out flailing at a pitch that bounces.

That’s enough for tonight.

I bet Bregman might just be at the bottom of the list in baseball in terms of getting a runner home from 3rd with less than two outs. Terrible.

Verlander at 80 pitches through six.

Not even Usain Bolt could score from 3rd on popups.

Astros politely strike out in order in the seventh.

Another putrid night at the office for this unexplainably inept bunch of twiddledicks.

To the 8th, still tied at one.

All while their highest average batter, Dubon, languishes on the bench.


Abreu strikes out the side in the 8th.

To the 9th, still tied at one.

It’s actually incredible how consistent 6 inches outside has been called against the Astros in this series. Incredible.

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Astros cause no fuss in the 9th.

Gotta stop that JP

This team is terrible, I mean, wow.



A single, stolen base, throwing error, and walk put runners at the corners with one out.

Hader strikes his way out of the jam. Free baseball.