Astros @ Mariners, Cinco de Mayo, 2023

Let’s hope MM and Son can inspire a little offense tonight.

Good grief! Did the Mariners get dressed in the dark?

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Dubon grounds out
Bregman takes strike one right down the middle, takes strike two down the middle, hacks at a pitch headed for ear hole and rolls out softly to 1B
Yordan flies out F8 on the first pitch

Astros down in seven pitches

No score.


Rodriguez drives one deep to RCF, Meyers leaps and grabs it at the top of the wall
France walks on four pitches
Kelenic strikes out looking
Suarez strikes out swinging

No score

What the actual fuck?

Astros promptly get jobbed on a fucking idiotic call.


Abreu hacking…strikes out swinging at ball six
Tucker…wearing batting gloves…singles to RF
Peña…hits the catchers glove on a swing, but it’s called a foul ball anyway…WTF?…grounds out 6-3 as Tucker goes to 2B
Julks bounces out 4-3

No score

Admittedly, I am not a rules expert but how the fuck is a catcher basically hitting the bat with the glove not catchers interference?

Peña nearly took the catcher’s mitt off, but it’s not reviewable. Holy hell that was awful.

Not there until tomorrow night

Shit like that should be a fireable offense for an umpire, it’s right the fuck in front of you dipshit

Dammit, I need runs tonight!


Raleigh strikes out swnging
Hernandez pops out F3
Crawford strikes out looking

No score

Attaboy Jake.

OK wait I don’t understand what just happened.

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Good sac bunt Maldy.

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Good lord Mauricio

Shit, man!

Holy fuck, Dubon. You don’t have to swing at shit 6 feet off the plate

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“Bregman’s not going to get much to hit until Altuve’s back”

Harold Reynolds, apparently unaware of who hits behind Bregman