Astros @ Mariners, April 17

Oh, good, a right-hander we’ve never seen before. Sign me up!

Altuve walked
Brantley hit into a FC, Altuve out
Bregman hit into a DP.

Of the strike-em-out, throw-em-out variety

That’s what I meant.

3 innings, 3 double plays for the Astros

Altuve is just fucking awful at the plate currently.

Got an absolute cookie first pitch and rolled it over for a double play.

I have seen this 1-0 thing before.

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If they just stood there and didn’t swing, this guy would probably walk a run in.

Tucker really gets some terrible calls.

Not with the Umpire coalition conspiring against the Astros

I saw this morning that the Astros are the most “penalized” team so far.

Starting to wonder if any team has ever recorded 9 double plays in a game.

Astros have collected 5 walks and been victimized by 4 double plays.

Mariners hammering the same pitches the Astros are rolling in to double plays on so far.

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This game has the feel of one that we’re not destined to win.

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Well, this inning got away in a hurry.

Or score

Welp. That’s that

Yeah, that’s three games’ worth of runs.

Fucking pathetic.