Astros @ Mariners, April 16, 2022

How about we swing the fucking bats tonight.

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I guess not.


Altuve pops up on the first pitch
Brantley grounds out 4-3 on a nice backhand play


Tucker with a bloop single to CF, raises his average to .143, Bregman to 2B
Gurriel…0-2…1-2…chops weakly to 3B

Astros strand a pair. No score


Frazier…0-2…foul…1-2…2-2… singles to LF
France flies out F9
Winker…0-2…foul…swings and misses at a pitch in the zone for ball one…takes strike three
Suarez strikes out swinging.

No score.

This umpire sucks


Goodrum doubles to RF
McCormick flies out F9, Goodrum tags and moves to 3B
Peña flies out F8 at the wall in dead CF, Goodrum scores on the sac fly
Maldonado grounds out 6-3

1-0 Astros

Tonight I’m drinking Vennstone Pinot Noir.


Crawford grounds out 3U
Toro pops out to SS on a nice over the shoulder grab by Peña
Kelenic strikes out swinging.

Good inning. 1-0 Astros

I hope Verlander said “hey! there the fuck is Toro!” when Abe came to the plate.

On a side note…my great grandfather was called “Abe”, though his name was Albert.

Blue Moon for me. One for each run.

Ready to pour a couple more.

Hopefully they score you under the table.

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I’m recovering from my re-boost. It’s been 24 hours of unpleasantness. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

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Altuve grounds out 6-3 on a pitch in his eyes
Brantley grounds out 6-3 in the shift behind 2B
Bregman pops to CF

1-0 Astros

Hopefully it’s just a day of feeling a little rundown.

I got my reboost and the pneumonia vaccine, left and right, the same day. The pneumonia vaccine hurt for a couple of days, the reboot was fine. I felt like I should be whacked though, and always pay attention to my inner self, so I moped around a lot.

Last night was chills and some nausea, today I’ve been really run down. But it’s been 6 months since my first booster, and I’ll be flying in 3 weeks, so I decided I’d better do it.


Rodriguez strikes out looking
Raleigh flies out F7
Frazier taps back to the mound.

1-0 Astros

I’m flying at the end of June. I need to get mine scheduled.

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