Astros @ Mariners, April 16, 2022

Wow. The Astros are blatantly using electronic pitch signaling. I knew their pitchers were cheating.

Come on Kyle I need another beer

Damn, Tucker.


Tucker strikes out swinging
Gurriel grounds out 6-3
Goodrum singles to LF
McCormick grounds out 6-3

1-0 still

Screw it I’m getting another beer

Astro offense you owe me a run.

I expect payment next inning.


France singles to RF
Winker pops to shallow LF
Suarez strikes out looking
Crawford grounds out 3U

1-0 Astros

Beer time!


Peña…works the count full…singles up the middle…good AB
Machete!! Homers to LF…his first hit of the season

3-0 Astros

Two of em!


Sweet !!

Nice catch.


Altuve lines out to 2B in the shift
Brantley flies out F8 on a diving catch in the LCF gap
Bregman…getting hosed on pitches 9 inches off the plate…strikes out swinging. Never stood a chance

But the Astros grab a 3-0 lead.


Toro pops to LF
Kelenic pops out to 3B
Rodriguez strikes out swinging

3-0 Astros


Tucker flies out to deep CF
Gurriel lines out to RF
Goodrum strikes out swinging

Quick 7-pitch inning

Astros lead 3-0


Raleigh flies out F9
Frazier flies out F7
France singles to CF
Winker strikes out swinging.

3-0 Astros

Hammer time for Winker.

3 bagger for Peña

Sweet to see THIS JV

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Gameday has that first called strike to Maldanado about a foot outside the zone.