Astros @ LA Angels 7/14/2023

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J.P. France R
4-3 3.26 ERA

Shohei Ohtani R
7-4 3.32 ERA

SS Zach Neto R
DH S. Ohtani L
LF Taylor Ward R
CF M. Moniak L
3B Luis Rengifo S
1B M. Moustakas L
RF H. Renfroe R
C Chad Wallach R
2B M. Stefanic R

Look at these stats. LOOK AT THEM!!!


It would be nice to see a reduction in trade value for Ohtani after this game.

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Fucking Ron “Mea” Kulpa up to his usual shitty game behind the plate.

Astros get 2 singles in the top of the 1st but leave them

Big zone tonight.

I doubt that JP agrees.

Astros go 1-2-3 in the 2nd

Fucking hell, Peña

Keystone Kops. Come on, Peña.

Took his eyes off the ball again.

Fucking 0-2 pitch

It’s a bad sign when your starting pitcher struggles to make it through 2 innings

2 runs because Peña’s shitty execution.

France should take a sock full of quarters to Peña.

Two unearned runs…2-0 Angels

Beating yourself is never a smart strategy.

He’s not struggling. His defense is.

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