Astros @ LA Angels 7/14/2023

No shit. That was in no way on France.

Astros go quietly in the third…2-0 Angels

Yeah. I’m worried about that. Can’t win if you have cold bats

Man, Kulpa isn’t giving France anything.

On to the 4th, down by 2 runs so if our bats wake up, we can catch up.

Tying run on 1st now. Chas has a chance to make a difference.

Bases loaded for Madris.

The Astros better not waste this opportunity.

Son of a bitch!

Madris failed to get an RBI, but at least that’s just 1 out so far.

Up to Corey now.

C’mon Corey!

Corey gets us on the board but we need Jeremy to come up with a hit to really get us going …

Peña owes me two runs

Peña with a chance to redeem himself.

Pena delivers an RBI, come on Machete!

That was a lot better than nothing, still owes a run to Hudson.

Welp, could have been worse, could have been better

Ok, new ball game


Ok, top of the order up. Ohtani has not been sharp. Let’s make some hay this inning, fellas.