Astros In Arlington, April 27, 2022

I don’t get it. Dusty set him up for success when he started!

Idk if it has been discussed on the other game threads but man the camera angle at this barn is really jarring

I’m trying to figure out if that guy is eating cheese cake or regular cake.


The OFers look tiny when the camera first goes to them.

Buddy of mine went last night .

Said the park is really nice.

Abreu made it interesting but froze Garcia with a slider.

End 6

Biggest and best horse barn around

Did he buy propane and propane accessories?


If THAT Abreu stays around the bullpen could be special.

I’m trying to figure out why Matwhozit was called up. I assume he took Baez’s spot, but I don’t understand why a pitcher didn’t come up. Did somebody else get hurt?

I thought so.

I think I like Strickland Propane as the best derogatory nickname for that stadium (exterior).

Mimic Maid a close second.


Mimic Maid is not so, imo.

He had cushioned seats.

Were yours?

Nope. We were not quite nosebleed but up high.

Altuve, right?

Kyle smoked that ball.

Dude thought he had a sawed off flare foul and ended up with a double.

Whew. That could have been ugly.

Chas, I know that as the center fielder, it’s your ball to call… but don’t try running into Yordan. It won’t end well for you.

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