Astros In Arlington, April 27, 2022

Another single, but this time Alvarez guns down Heim at the plate!

2-1 Rangers

Heim doesn’t run as well as Garcia.

Strong, accurate throw from Yordan, as well.

Gotta rattle the bats now

Yordan with a 2-out single

Bad luck, rook.

2 hard hit balls, just a reached on error to show for it.

Hope Arlington didn’t spend a lot on that SS.

Bases drunk, two out for Tucker…how about reaching down and finding a pair…


3-run double!

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He found some big brass ones.


Thank you Tucker!!!

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This team can win if Tucker hits.


Tucker clears the bases!

It’s kinda critical.

Diaz not interested in his at bat.

But the Astros grab a 4-2 lead

Damn, Calhoun owns Javier.

Calhoun was going to be SO out there.

Thankfully Castro’s throw only cost 1 extra pitch.

Nice 1st start by Javier.

Matijevic looks a little overwhelmed

Astros go down on 9 pitches in the 6th

Moore overwhelmed Pena and Castro too.