Astros In Arlington, April 27, 2022

Astros with two on, one out for Tucker…

Tucker takes a belt high meatball so he can flail at a slider. Two outs.

Diaz flies out…but Chas with the leadoff ding ding…Astros lead 1-0

Javier with a smooth first. 1-0 Astros.

Altuve looked good sprinting before the game.

I don’t know if he’ll hit, but Matijevic looks like a baseball player.

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What a bum.

Peña with a single to LF…two on, nobody out…

Peña looks like a player too.

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I once had a neighbor from Germany named Otto. He drank warm beer and ate lard sandwiches.

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Castro battles, but strikes out on 10 pitches

He exacted a toll.


Chas GIDP. Thud.

and we’re tied

Garcia draws a 2-out walk, and is thrown out stealing 2B. Rangers challenging…clearly safe…

That umpire was in a bad position to make that call.

Yep, overturned. Stolen base

4-pitch walk to Heim

Another 2-strike hit to the 9-hole hitter plates a run, Rangers lead 2-1